Thursday, 29 November 2012

ORA-07217: sltln: environment variable cannot be evaluated.

In Linux or Unix OS Use  export ORACLE_SID='SID_NAME'
                                           export ORACLE_HOME='HOME_PATH'

Permanent Fix in Linux OS 

                                  Edit  /home/oracle/.bash_profile
                     add the following entries


                    export ORACLE_HOME
                    export ORACLE_SID

 if in windows
                                   set ORACLE_SID='SID_NAME'
                                   set ORACLE_HOME='HOME_PATH'

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  1. I had similar frustrating experience when using rman format string like 'dbname_%U.rmn' . in spite of checking everywhere for syntex in shell -- it seemed ok! The error persisted!!

    Then -- I checked RMAN> show all
    The suspect configuration for device type disk --
    configure channel device type disk format '/backup/PROD/db_$d_%d.rmn'

    I used configure channel device type disk clear;


    Then I re-ran the shell -- it started working ok!!